12 Most Weird Cars That Suck

12 Most Weird Cars That Suck

As times passes, we get to see amazing cars that are designed to perfection. However, there are still people who can’t help but turn their cars into a joke. These 20 cars are bizarre and we can’t help but laugh and scream – “What were they thinking?”

We see hundreds, if not thousands, of cars every day. Cheap cars and Ferraris, sedans and SUVS, we have see them all. However, there are cars we get to see very rarely. These cars, although very few in the world, are something no one wants to sit in except, of course, their makers. Ranging from bizzare to awkward, you will see all these weird cars on this page. Some are, no doubt, very-very unique – that doesn’t make them less sucky. Without further ado, let us list them:

Note: Images link to their respective sources.

1) Tubular Car

TotallyTubular was presented in 2008′s Houstan art parade. This care is plastered all over with tubes.

Tubular Car - Weird Cars

2) Bug Car

Probably inspired by Starship Troopers, this car is made into the shape of an ugly bug.

Ugly Bug Car - Weird Cars

3) Art Car

This car, named the Art Car by its uploader on Flick looks like some sort of bird cage.

Art Care - Weird Cars

4) Star Car

Shaped as a star, this car’s engine lies on the rear wheel. However it is impossible to say whether there is a steering wheel or not.

Star Car - Weird Cars

5) Jawa Sand Crawler

Sandcrawler - Weird car

This might be the reason why Tuskens from time to time succeeded in raiding a Jawa sand crawler.

6) Skull Car

Skull Car - Weird Cars

7) UFO Car

UFO Car - Weird Cars

8 ) Bathtub Car

Bathtub Car

9) Double Car

Double Car

10) Face Car

Face Car

11) Snail Car

Snail Car - Weird Cars

12) Scary Art Car

Scary Car Weird Cars

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