Top 15 Electric Car Manufacturers

Top 15 Electric Car Manufacturers

Electric cars are set to take over the roads and are already dosed high to manufacture best and better than each other. As the world gears up for the  revolution of electric cars, manufactures have come up with many concept electric cars to fanatise people before the full scale launch. Some manufacturers have succeeded in hitting the roads viz Nissan and Tesla. There are few hand full manufacturers who announced conceptual cars and started booking of the same. However, later failed to deliver. To name few Zap Motors and Spark Electric Vehicles are among the manufacturers believed to be scam companies. Today at AutoDen we bring you top 15 real electric car manufacturers that will put there models on the roads to change the course of automobiles.

1. Nissan – Electric Car Manufacturers


Nissan electric car manufacturers have so far developed two electric cars. Nissan Leaf and Nissan ZEDO RC. While Nissan Leaf has hit roads, Nissan ZEDO RC is supposed to be displayed at Le Mans 24 hours racing in 2014. Both these models of Nissan have been hailed and are expected to create a storm in the world of electric cars and is seen as a lead towards the Eco-friendly auto drives.

Nissan Leaf - Electric Car Manufacturers

Nissan Leaf

Nissan Leaf: The first electric car launched by Nissan was Nissan Leaf. Its the fifth fastest electric car in the world and the second fastest electric car manufactured by Nissan itself. Nissan Leaf has top speed of 93mph and reach 60 miles 9.8 seconds. Pretty slow, huh?

Nissan - Electric Car Manufacturers

Nissan ZEOD RC

Nissan ZEOD RC: Nissan Zero Emission On Demand Racing Car is the second electric car designed and manufactured by Nissan. Its also the fastest electric car in the world with top speed of 185 mph. This Nissan electric racing car is a silent car-no noise at all during the drive. The Nissan ZEOD RC will be displayed at Le Mans 24 hours in 2014 racing.

2. Tesla Motors - Electric Car Manufacturers


Tesla Motors is one of the most favorable electric car manufacturers. Tesla Motors designed and manufactured the Model S electric car in United States of America.  Tesla is the second electric car manufacturer to put there model on roads, first being the Nissan.

Tesla - Electric Car Manufacturers

Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S is a 21st century premium electric sedan car with 300 miles of charging drive. This Tesla electric car has hot the roads in 2012 and its cost starts from $62,000. It has a top speed of 130mph. Tesla Motors has more plans to manufacture electric cars. Tesla Motors offers Model S be reserved for $2,500

3. Mercedes - Electric Car Manufacturers


Apart from Nissan and Tesla, Mercedes is also in the league of electric car manufacturers. Mercedes joined the league by launching the fascinating low base racing car, Mercedes SLS.

Mercedes - Electric Car Manufacturers

Mercedes SlS

Mercedes developed its icon Li-ion powered electric car Mercedes SLS that hit roads marking 155 mph top speed making it the second fastest electric car in the world. Mercedes SLS electric car is a strong car that reaches 62 mph in 3.2 seconds. The only thing that has been noted on negative note is that Mercedes SLS is a noisy car and takes 20 hours to fully charge.

4. Peugeot - Electric Car Manufacturers

PEUGEOT - Electric Car Manufacturers

The race of electric car manufacturers goes on, Peugeot made it presence in the league in year 2008 when the company presented its new hybrid concept electric car Peugeot RC HYmotion4 at Paris Motor Show. A year later, Peugeot presented another concept electric car Peugeot BB1 at frankfurt Motor Show in September 2009. However, Peugeot hit the roads in year 2010, when this electric car manufacturer started selling its first electric car Peugeot iOn.

Peugeot iOn - Electric Car Manufacturer

Peugeot iOn – Electric Car Manufacturer

Peugeot iOn electric car is a revised and rebadged version of Mitsubishi i-MiEV. Its a five door hatchback electric ar originally produced by Mitsubishi. iOn can run 100miles when fully charged. The iOn is available with fitted heater, air conditioning, fully remote controlled functions, Auxiliary battery, different sized front and rear wheels and  emergency cut off for main battery in case of safety issues.

5. Bavarian Motor Works (BMW) - Electric Car Manufacturers

BMW - Electric Car Manufacturers

The BMW made its entry in the electric car manufacturers segment in 2011 by launching BMW ” i “division. The company showed its i3 and i8 at Frankfurt Motor Show in 2009. The i3 version of BMW is fully made of carbon fiber. BWM invested $100 million to install a plant in  Moses Lake, Washington .

BMW i8 - Electric Car Manufacturer

BMW i8 – Electric Car Manufacturer

BMW i8 is believed to pump to 62 mph in 4.2 seconds with its front two wheels running on electric motor. i8 is a racing concept car and is assumed to be in market by end of 2014. The basic idea behind i8 and i3 is producing and presenting BMW as environment friendly electric car manufacturer.

6. Ford - Electric Car Manufacturers

Ford - Electric Car Manufacturers

The Ford Motors made it to the electric car manufacturers segment in year 2004 by launching the hybrid version of Ford Escape. With this launch Ford became the first to hit market with a electric-hybrid SUV that hit the market.

Ford Escape Hybrid - Electric Car Manufacturers

Ford Escape Hybrid – Electric Car Manufacturers

The Hybrid Escape is the powered version of Escape which runs on gasoline-electric supply. This electric car can drive across the city for 30  miles when fully charged with the top speed of 102 mph. However, the Ford Hybrid-Escape encountered problems in the speed control cable. Ford recalled 485,000 Escape SUVs worldwide (421,000 in the U.S.).

7. Fiat - Electric Car Manufacturers 

Fiat - Electric car Manufacturers


The launch of Fiat 500e  electric car in 2013 set Fiat’s name in the list of electric car manufacturers across the globe. Fiat produced 500e mini car with best EPA rate of 29 kilowatt hours (kWh) per 100 miles. Fiat claims all its 500e were sold out in California, if these claims are ascertained it could be the first electric car to be produced and sold at such large scale.

Fiat 500e - Electric Car Manufacturer

Fiat 500e – Electric Car Manufacturer

2013 Ford 500e runs on 24-kWh Li-ion high voltage battery and has a electric ‘push-button’ for electric shift. This 111 hp (83-kW) Electric-Drive Motor is installed with 7 airbags and avails access via Ford recognized mobile app to track or control the car system. The 500e is a entertaining and fresh drive with one touch sunroof, the sunroof can be open with a press of button. The 500e electric car is a comfortable car availed with two different interior colors. Its installed with automatic button gear system, extensive TomTom Navigation system and classic Alpine Audio system.

 8. General Motors - Electric Car Manufacturers

General Motors - Electric  Car Manufacturers

General Motors developed world’s first full-sized hybrid pickups. In  year 2005, the  concept Opel Astra diesel Hybrid vehicle was introduced and later in the year 2006 Saturn Vue Green Line was the first hybrid passenger vehicle. General Motor is planning some new hybrid technologies to be employed that will be optimized for higher speeds in freeway driving.

2012 Chevrolet Volt - Electric Car Manufacturers

General Motors introduced the Chevrolet Volt in 2010, an electric vehicle with back-up generators powered by gasoline within the framework of GM’s vehicle electrification strategy . The limited production of Chevrolet Volt was available in late 2010 as a 2011 model. The first Volt was delivered during December 2010.

The Volt concept featured a 12 US gal (45 l; 10.0 imp gal) fuel capacity providing the vehicle a total driving range of around 640 mi (1,030 km), which considered a gasoline fuel efficiency of about 50 mpg-US (4.7 L/100 km; 60 mpg-imp) and a 40 mi (64 km) all-electric range. According to General Motors estimates, a daily drive of 60 mi (97 km), combined with an overnight recharge to support the first 40 all-electric miles, would yield an effective gasoline fuel economy of 150 mpg-US (1.6 L/100 km; 180 mpg-imp). General Motors also emphasized that the Volt would further reduce dependence on imported oil if E85 ethanol was used instead of gasoline to power the on-board generator engine. Robert Lutz added that if the driver used E85, “the fuel economy figure became 525 miles per (equivalent) petroleum gallon“, as only 15% of gasoline is used in this blend. General Motors also noted that actual production of the Volt depended on further battery development, because the required rechargeable batteries needed to make the Volt a viable vehicle did not exist in the market and had yet to be developed. The concept car was actually powered by two 12-volt conventional car batteries, just enough power to allow the vehicle to move at low speeds in the stand.

9. Electric Car Corp - Electric Car Manufacturers

Electric Car Corporation - Electric Car Manufacturers

The Electric Car Corporation plc is an electric car manufacturer and dealer based in Mayfair, London with an assembly plant in Flitwick, Bedfordshire. It makes and sells the Citroën C1 ev’ie, an electric car adapted from the Citroën C1. The car was first released on 30 April 2009 with a list price of £16,850 (US $24,989)

10. Amp Electric Vehicles - Electric Car Manufacturers

Amp - Electric Car Manufacturers

Amp Electric Vehicles  is an Ohio-based automotive company. The company converts sport utility vehicles (SUVs) and light commercial vehicles (LCVs) to emission-free electric vehicles (EVs). This electric car manufacturer has delivered an electric vehicle to Dayton Power & Light, and have a five-year 1,000 SUV order from Northern Lights Energy in Iceland.

This sums up our 15 electric car manufacturers list. Today the world is nearing a environment friendly revolution. The initiation of electric cars in the world market is a step towards environment friendly life. Lets hope, that our next generation lives a green life.

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